Healing Benefits of Handmade Goat Milk Body Butter

Can my goat milk body butter soothe skin that’s been through radiation?

Absolutely! I know exactly what all of my goats eat and what medications they have taken. I have total control of the process and therefore the product. The result? A super-healing balm for any type of skin, but read the note a grateful customer recently wrote to me about her skin issues after radiation for cancer. 

Dear Bearded Lady,

My daughter told me about your Body Butter just before I started radiation following breast cancer surgery. She lives in Santa Fe but was unable to get the product to me until right after I finished radiation. I had been doing all right with skin care, but there were a couple of areas that were more burned and the skin was getting tight and rough despite my regular applications of doctor-recommended creams and ointments. (Not to mention that the ointment ruined several t-shirts before I figured it out.) 

Then, my daughter got your Bearded Lady Body Butter for me last Thursday.

From Thursday to this past Monday when I saw my oncologist, the change in my skin was nothing short of miraculous!  My dry, crusty skin is all brand-new and soft, and totally flexible/stretchable and pain-free. 

If you haven’t already, you will be hearing from the radiology nurse at Texas Oncology, as I have showed her your Body Butter, my healed skin, and sung your praises!  I also shared this product  with my fellow nurse-friend, whose son is a dermatologist, and who ordered some Body Butter yesterday. Thank you for a wonderful product!

So, what’s in my Body Butter that can heal skin?

After years of experimentation, I’ve found just the right combination of fresh raw goat milk, vitamin E, glycerin, cocoa butter, shea butter, golden jojoba oil and even avacado oil. It’s glorious, rich and creamy, but wait til you feel it on your skin. 

No sticky, slippery, itchy lotion here.

Body butter absorbs quickly and leaves you with soft, supple skin. You don’t need to wait for an emergency before you try this luxurious butter. It’s gentle enough to use as a daily moisturizer on all types of skin. My customers who live in the Northeast part of the country use it as a face cream all year round. 

It’s that time of year when we enjoy being outside as often as possible.

Soothe rough, dry hands and feet that have been hauling mulch, planting flowers, pulling weeds, and trimming trees. Too much fun in the sun at the beach? My body butter helps calm and restore burnt and peeling skin. Apply a dab to your feet and then slip on your favorite pair of open-toe sandals without the embarrassment of cracked and dry heels and toes.  

The Body Butter comes in two sizes and eight scrumptious fragrances.

2 oz  – $7.00 (perfect for your beach tote or travel bag)

4 oz – $12.00  

As we celebrate spring, let my body butter nurture you and your loved ones!

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