The Healing Benefits of Goat Milk Lotion

“Dear Bearded Lady,

My daughter told me about your Body Butter just before I started radiation following breast cancer surgery.  She lives in Santa Fe but was unable to get the product to me until right after I finished radiation.  I had been doing all right with skin care, but there were a couple of areas that were more burned, and the skin was getting tight and rough, despite my regular applications of doctor-recommended creams and ointments.  Not to mention that the ointment ruined several t-shirts before I figured it out.

Then, my daughter got the Body Butter for me last Thursday, and between then and this past Monday when I saw my oncologist, the change in my skin was nothing short of miraculous!  The dry, crusty skin is all brand-new and soft, and totally flexible/stretchable and pain-free.  If you haven’t already, you will be hearing from the radiology nurse at Texas Oncology, as I have showed her the Body Butter and my skin, and sung your praises!  I also shared this product  with my fellow nurse-friend, whose son is a dermatologist, and who ordered some Body Butter yesterday.  Thank you for a wonderful product!”

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