Goat Milk Body Butter

Goat Milk Body Butter
Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Bearded Lady Soap Factory  Body Butter  4oz  $16.95

Long-lasting skin hydration made with all natural ingredients.
Select your scent from my sumptuous line of fragrances.
Luxurious and Creamy!

Fragrance Descriptions

Citrus - The fragrance of tangerines amidst strawberry and apple blossoms.
Fragrance Free - no added fragrances. Contains natural oil aroma only from
either plant oil or unrefined shea or cocoa butter. 
Lavender - Lavender essential oil for our lavender lovers.
Lavender Lemongrass - A BLSF essential oil blend of lavender and lemongrass. *Seasonal only
Peppermint - A strong, cool mint sensation. *Seasonal only
Refine - Warm southern hospitality. A BLSF exclusive designer fragrance with aromas of cinnamon, vanilla and orange.    

All the Bearded Lady Soap products are handmade with milk from my goats on my Santa Fe farm.

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