Goat Milk Lotion

Goat Milk Lotion
Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Bearded Lady Soap Factory Lotion  8 oz $17.95,  4 oz $10.95 , 2 oz $6.95

Fantastic, lightweight moisture for your skin. Treat yourself to my handmade lotion in your favorite fragrance. 


Citrus Splash - The fragrance of tangerines amidst strawberry and apple blossoms.
Fragrance Free - no added fragrances. Contains natural oil aroma only from either plant oil or unrefined shea or cocoa butter. 
Lavender - Lavender essential oil for our lavender lovers.
Lavender Lemongrass - A BLSF essential oil blend of lavender and lemongrass. *Seasonal Only
Lavender Vanilla - A BLSF original blend of lavender essential oil with the lasting fragrance of true vanilla.
Mystic Ivory - A BLSF original; undertones of sandalwood and patchouli, top notes of jasmine flowers.
Peppermint - A strong, cool mint sensation. *Seasonal Only
Refine - Warm, southern hospitality. A BLSF exclusive designer fragrance with aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, and orange.
Sandalwood and Spearmint - Fresh spearmint leaves surrounded by sandalwood.
Sweet Dream - A BLSF original; the warm inviting aromas of sweet almonds and cherry blossom with a drop of honey. *Seasonal Only
Warm Vanilla Sugar - A heartwarming blend of true vanilla, brown sugar, and deliciously sweet toasted pecans. *Seasonal Only

2 oz Lotion available in Citrus Splash, Fragrance Free, Refine,  Sandalwood Spearmint, and Sweet Dream.


 All the Bearded Lady Soap products are handmade with milk from my goats on my Santa Fe farm.

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