Making Layered Goat Milk Soap is Pretty to look at, but…

Layered Soap - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

A wonderful idea came to me the other day.

I enjoy the process of doing something a little bit different with the same thing. So when I was thinking about ways to use up leftover soap while pouring individual loaves, I thought: I’ll make layered goat milk soap!  It’ll be beautiful and have a blend of three different fragrances.

The process seemed really straight forward.

I prepared for my usual routine of making three batches of soap in one day. I put the goat milk in the fridge to get it nice and cold. I measured out all of my ingredients early in the morning and each fragrance oil combination was poured into glass jars.  The surface of my stovetop is always covered with supplies on soap-making day!

Choosing what scents was not planned at first, but that has changed out of necessity since variables such as temperature, humidity in the house, and fragrance or essential oil selection can impact the timing. (Florals and vanilla set up much faster.)  I don’t weigh the lye in advance. I wait until I’m actually mixing everything together, then I don my safety gear and measure out the lye.

I make three loaves per day, because that’s how many molds I have.

Next, I simply pour the extra soap into a fourth mold or my shaped molds. The soap usually sets up and hardens within five to ten minutes after being poured.

I found out fast though that this is doable in a loaf form only with my new nifty cutter, not the shaped molds.

My process:

I pour the excess from each of three batches into a separate batch-mold one on top of the other as I make them throughout the day, equaling another batch. 

I pour to a certain point and the extra that is left I pour off into another loaf mold. This becomes the first layer of a new mold.

I repeat the process two more times for the striping effect.  I am literally creating the striped soaps from my leftovers and I feel good about not wasting a drop!

Sounds good so far, right? Wrong.

The shaped soap molds are pretty, but pouring off into them is totally a pain in the butt and a waste of great soap. While trying to make the bars the correct size, I have to pour some off, and in that process, the soap begins to quickly harden causing air pockets and irregularly shaped bars (wasting both time and soap).

I’m not going to make the molded soaps anymore, too wasteful.

Who has the time!!? I have a brand new set of triplets in the barn and need to be caring for them, not staring in frustration at holey soap!

I’m not sure how my clients will feel about a Coffee/Warm Vanilla/Hunter’s Glen combination. It sure looks interesting and has a manly cologne scent. The coffee grinds add a light abrasive.

layered soap with coffee - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

My next batches will be poured into loaves. I’ll design by scent first, then by color, and then by texture. If you’d like to order any of the striped soaps, please email me. Oh, and I’m selling my soap molds.  Any takers?

Soap cutter - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Our cat, Leon, with my nifty soap cutter.

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