Meet the Area’s Newest Weather Forecasters – the Bearded Lady Goats

dark clouds weather - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

As the weather begins to change, the goats clue me in to what’s coming.

For example, if they are resting, they will raise their heads occassionally and lift their ears up and out to the sides, like airplane wings. Sometimes they shake their heads from side to side and their ears slap their neck and face.

White goat - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

While most of the goats stay out in the grass until the first rain drops fall, a few head to the shelter as soon as the wind patterns change. There is enough room in the shelter for every goat to lie down. It’s snug and warm during the cold months. In the warm and hot months there is just enough ventilation, so it’s not too hot.

Remember, we live in Texas. Our hot is very hot and very humid.

Goat shade - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

When it rains for days and the ground can no longer absorb the water…

the pasture gates are opened and the goats are moved to higher ground – the pole barn.  It does not have sides, but the center part stays perfectly dry.  We move a big water bucket to the barn and fill the hay feeder with alfalfa hay.  The goats love their alfalfa hay.

We don’t need to put any walls up to keep them in because the rain does that for us. The goats hate rain so much that as long as it rains, they stay under cover.  I can contribute this whole idea to Jason, my youngest son, who one day said, “It’s so wet out in the pasture shelter, that I moved the goats to the pole barn.  Trust me, they won’t go anywhere”.  He definitely understands how the goats think.  He was exactly right! I’m taking notes.  There’s always something new to learn about goat care.

Goat pen - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

But, when the rain stops and we don’t move the goats back to the pasture quickly enough,

we will all hear, “Get those goats away from my trees! ” from Jim, my husband, as he tries to stop the goats from eating his bonsai trees and the citrus in our orchard. The bonsai’s always look like special treats just waiting to be devoured. Goats can be very sneaky when they want to be.

Bonsai - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

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