Milking Goats and Making Butters

Last time we talked about making your own felted soap at home and how to use your soap. If I missed anything you’d like to know, please contact me. I love talking about my goats and soap!

I’m often asked why I chose to buy and breed my own goats and how we started the Bearded Lady Soap Factory. Back in 2006, one of our teenage sons was diagnosed with ADHD and we decided we needed milk that wasn’t processed and that was hormone free. We knew we wanted raw milk, but I wasn’t really interested in milking a cow. Instead, we decided to buy two purebred Nubian does. I really only wanted one, but two walked up to me – together. They picked me! Isn’t that the way it usually happens!

We named them Chick and Star and I milked them from the first day I got them. Milking was much easier than I thought it was going to be! Thankfully, our son was able to drink raw goat’s milk and we continued to substitute goat’s milk in all of our recipes. He was able to stay off of medication for another two years because of the daily addition of the raw milk in his diet.

In 2008, after years of research, I made my first goat milk soap gifts for family and friends. Even though my business has grown, I still milk my goats by hand, morning and night, and then refrigerate the milk right away. When I’m ready, I combine the milk with oil and butter to produce products that help retain the moisture in our skin.  All of the lotions and the body butter are rich in vitamin E and the goat’s milk liniment comforts swollen and inflamed muscles. Best of all, I still make everything one small batch at a time, in my kitchen here in Santa Fe.  Your skin will thank you!

You can tell that I know exactly what my goats eat, what medications they’ve been given, and even if someone has come to pet and play with them. Each gift I make is a tiny momento of what healthy goats and hard work can accomplish. I love creating products to nurture my family and yours!

goat milk soap outside setting - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

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