Reina, Our Great Pyrenees mix and the Bearded Lady Soap Factory Goat Guardian

Reina is half Great Pyrenees and half Spanish Mastiff. Bred and born on a goat ranch, with the goats, near Austin,TX in February and already weighs well over 100 pounds.

Reina - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Bred as a cross-breed to reduce the heavy-hair coat of the Great Pyrenees to make her able to tolerate the Texas heat better, and Spanish Mastiff keeps her size large and able to do her job which is to guard her best friends…the goats.

She really lives with them. If we bring her to the house, she is scared and unsure. Believe it or not, she is not a people dog. She has her spot on the goat bench in the shelter and sleeps among them or by herself. She is perfectly content there.

Her family is the goats.

She eats her food in their pasture, and snacks on their food occasionally, but not usually.

Dog and goat - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

She is the best guardian dog ever!

Jason holding Reina - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

And that bark…so big, deep, and scary. If I was a predator, I would stay away for sure!

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