Welcome 2018! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Gift from the Bearded Lady Soap Factory


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Happy 2018! As many of you know, I take January off each year to rest up from all the holiday markets and from the annual BLSF open house. The holiday season was a success for BLSF. I enjoyed meeting many new people and sharing my products with them at the Galveston Greek Festival, Seaside Treasure Festival and the BLSF open house. It was also nice to see my existing customers returning year after year. 

mini felted soap gift set - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Mini felted soap gift sets were the bomb this year!

I sold out of them as fast as I could make them. Each set included a mini felted soap and a 2 oz lotion, in a pretty organza bag.

Christmas brought a variety of surprises for me.

At home, my guys upgraded the living room for my Christmas present. After a little bit of work, it looks awesome!  

My favorite Christmas present this year though, was the surprise arrival of my newest grandbaby (and the first granddaughter).

Piper Kaylee Duke - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Piper Kaylee Duke was born on Christmas eve. She makes her Mimi and Poppy’s hearts melt! We love her. My daughter, Jennifer, is not only an amazing mother, but she’s also responsible for this photo of her new little one and all the product photos on my site. You can check out her work at Jenuinley Captured Photography.

Christmas morning, we received another surprise, this time it was in the barn.

Momma and baby goats - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Sally goat had twins, a boy and a girl. Busy morning on the farm! We named the twins Noel and Nicholas. Appropriate, I think.  

I am enjoying spending time with the baby goats and thinking about some new ideas for my business.

Perfecting my lip balm recipe is at the top of my list, so it will be available later this year. I’m also pondering a new twist on felted soap. I have many hours of research ahead of me.

And let’s not forget the charcoal soap that sold out during the holiday season. I had no idea how popular a solid, dark gray bar of soap would become…

tomatoes - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Jim has been working the short cold season we have here in Texas by tending to his tropical bonsai trees. They need to stay warm during the winter to be healthy. He started tomato seeds for the garden in the living room on a heat mat in front of the sliding glass door so they stay extra warm.

Thor - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Thor, the American bulldog, loves to babysit the plants daily. Actually, he is lying as close to and sometimes on the heat mat, to soak up the warmth. He often plops right down on top of the seeds. I do love fresh tomatoes, but I’m not sure how many plants we will get with all of Thor’s help.

Jimmy is attending U of H Main Campus for Chemical Engineering. He is more than half way finished and looking forward to being DONE.

Stone Family - Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Jason is working several part time jobs (pest control – Bug Man Pest Control, carpet cleaning – Texas Carpet Care, and occasional hours at Tibaldo’s Feed, where you can also purchase Bearded Lady Soap Factory soaps and lotions).


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